What’s your White Shirt Style?

What’s your White Shirt style?

First thing, the White Shirt doesn’t have to be plain and it’s not just for work. It’s the real deal. It truly is the most versatile piece you can own, but do invest in the best quality you can afford, for no wardrobe is complete without a great White Shirt. You can button up a white shirt to the collar for a super smart look, or leave the top few buttons open for more casual look. You can tuck it in or leave it loose, or even tuck the hem half in and half out, depending on your mood. Essentially, smart or casual, the White Shirt is a game changer – whatever your style.

We believe Perfekcija® Shirts has The Perfect White Shirt for every woman, and for every occasion. The Perfect White Shirt™ Collection has been specially designed for you, and your lifestyle, fashioned in luxury stretch cotton, with elegant understated detailing, its special and  very wearable. The Perfect White Shirt™ should make you feel confident, whatever your style, whatever the occasion, whatever the time of day.

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So, what is your White Shirt style?

We’re sure you’ve seen lots of articles on “How to Wear” your White Shirt. The classic combo that we immedately think of is a crisp white button down with jeans. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with this tried and tested style but, why not try a different White Shirt for a fresh take on a classic.

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Then add a jacket. And, again,by choosing a different style of jacket, leather, tweed or tailored,  or cosy cashmere throw over, you’ve changed the look of your White Shirt outfit to suit your style and occasion.

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Maybe you’ve always worn the same White Shirt style in the same way, or maybe you’ve just become seduced by the idea of a Perfect White Shirt. But, as you can see, its easy to make The Perfect White Shirt, in whatever shirt style your choose, into your own signature style.

We’ll post some more White Shirt style looks and ideas over the coming months but, if you would like any more help on choosing your White Shirt style, fit or size, please feel free to contact Perfekcija® Shirts – we’re here to help you find The Perfect White Shirt™ for you!

For more information or assistance, please email: info@perfekcija.com

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