The Perfect White Shirt Checklist 

Uma White Shirt FR WHITE SHIRT CHECKLIST The White Shirt is the modern classic, essential to every good wardrobe and the solution to stress free dressing.

At Perfekcija® London we understand that not all women are the same! We’re individuals, we have different style tastes and different body shapes. We design our Shirts for today’s woman, offering you a Collection of styles to meet your lifestyle and flatter your body shape. See below our Perfect White Shirt Checklist on how to choose your Perfect White Shirt.

The Perfect White Shirt

Quality: by investing a little more on a good quality, well-made shirt, you’ll look better, and feel better too.

Fabric: a White Shirt made in a high quality cotton fabric will keep its shape, feel nice and, importantly, allow your skin to breathe. The ideal cotton combination is 97% cotton 3% elastane as used in our House Fabric. That little bit of elastane gives you a nice fit and sufficient stretch for comfort without losing the benefits of the natural fabric. Garments containing more than 5% elastane and polyester mixes should be avoided; they tend to easily discolour, soon lose their shape – and freshness!

Finishing: buttons and buttonholes are as important as the fabric used to fashion your Perfect White Shirt. Quality buttons and reinforced stitching around the shoulders, buttonholes and sleeves will provide extra strength and longevity.

Fit and Comfort: when buying fashion online, you will want to choose the right size to avoid returns, so it’s important to measure yourself correctly. Make a note of your measurements and check against the size chart. If you find you’re not a precise match, it’s always better to go up a size. Sizing can vary dramatically from brand to brand so don’t be embarrassed about having to select a larger size – it really doesn’t matter – as long as it fits you well and you look good!

How to Choose your Perfect White Shirt

Please don’t hide your body in shapeless garments that are too big, but also don’t be embarrassed about having to select a larger size. What is important, is that your Perfect White Shirt fits nicely and you look and feel good.

CARMEN WHITE FR 1i e1375606883267 WHITE SHIRT CHECKLISTTop-Heavy – when your bust measurement is the most dominant part of your body because you have a large and curvaceous bust and small hips and/or bottom by comparison. Look for simple styling, clean lines, and a portrait or v-neckline flatters the fuller bust. In general, a shirt that features well placed seaming and/or darts will flatter your shape and is less likely to gap or pull across the front. We suggest: Carmen and Pippa.

GRACE WHITE FR 1 254x300 WHITE SHIRT CHECKLISTApple-Shaped – when you have no defined waist, perhaps you feel your tummy is large, and you might have a large bust and slim legs. The goal here is to make the torso look longer and your waist slimmer. Choose clothes that skim and not cling. V-neck and high neck Shirts are a good choice; wrap arounds work too as they create folds over the stomach area. We suggest: Georgia and Uma

GEORGIA FR 1i e1375607021358 WHITE SHIRT CHECKLISTCurvaceous – when you have an hour glass shape with large breasts and curvy hips and/or bottom. Enhance those fabulous curves with a wrapover style Shirt which will flatter your body shape in all the right places; or a simply styled longer length Shirt tucked into the waistband of your trouser or skirt. We suggest: Georgia and Madison

Pear-Shaped – when your hips and/or bottom are the largest part of your body and your breasts are smaller by comparison. Try wearing a Shirt style with detailing that draws attention to the upper part of your body. Beware of styles that cut you in half at PIPPA FR 1i e1375607097492 WHITE SHIRT CHECKLISTthe hip or top of your legs. We suggest:  Georgia, Romilly and Lara

UMA WHITE FR 1 e1375607151313 WHITE SHIRT CHECKLISTSlender – when your body is slight with small breasts and hips and/or bottom. Tailored and masculine White Shirts really suit this body type. To create an illusion of curves, try wearing a Shirt tucked into a slim fitting skirt or pants. We suggest: Uma, Romilly and Lara


Certain styles such as Pippa, Kate and Saffron will suit most people but, please remember, we’re here to help if you’d like further assistance in choosing “your” perfect white shirt:

email or telephone +44 (0) 20 8440 0077.