Caring for The Perfect White Shirt™

Wash and Care Instructions:

Our uniquely designed Collection of The Perfect White Shirt™ is fashioned from our special quality House Fabric, a high cotton mix of 97% cotton 3% elastane, to give you comfort, good fit and a flattering shape, as well as being durable and easy care. Particular attention is paid to the finishing of each garment with quality seams that are French (double) stitched and specially selected buttons.

Our garments are tested rigorously to check for shrinkage and the accuracy of the care label. We also check the durability of all our fabrics to ensure our shirts stand up to every day wear and tear. Gentle machine or hand wash and easy to iron, The Perfect White Shirt™ is dream to wear and a dream to care for.

Care of your perfect white shirt: for best results, we suggest that you treat any stains with a gentle soap then hand or machine wash separately on a gentle cycle. Always only wash white with whites. Ensure all soap is rinsed out thoroughly and, for best results, a quick spin or drip dry. It’s safe to use a fabric conditioner with care but, please do not tumble dry! For a crisp finish, iron on a steam setting; fragranced water or starch spray may be used sparingly, if required.

Black and Coloured Shirts:

If you have chosen one of our black or coloured shirts, we suggest you wash your shirt inside out, rinse away all soap thoroughly, drip dry or quick spin and finish as before.

Recycling Policy:

We promise that The Perfect White Shirt™ will arrive clean and fresh protected in its unique packaging. In order to protect our environment we try to eliminate waste and use of unnecessary packaging wherever possible. Perfekcija® London recycles and uses recycled materials wherever possible. So, please help us to make our planet a nicer place to live and recycle the paper and card packaging.


Thank you for choosing The Perfect White Shirt™