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Perfekcija® Shirts fuse exquisite craftsmanship with femininity, impeccable cuts with comfort, simply shirt perfection for women. Just choose your Perfect White Shirt style…

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Choose a Perfekcija® Shirt and you’ll experience the luxury feel of our special stretch cotton fabric with perfect fit, comfort and style. Our signature snowflake is discreetly embroidered into each Perfect White Shirt symbolising its’ authenticity and unique design qualities. The Perfect White Shirt™ is available in tailored, wrapover, pleated, ruffle, classic and contemporary design choices – as well as selected styles in black, so you can be “Perfect in Black” too!

NEW … LUXURY ESSENTIALS for the Scarf Connossieur. There beautiful scarves are the perfect accessory for your Perfect White Shirt. Make Perfekcija® your Signature style!