Perfekcija® Shirts for The Perfect White Shirt™

Perfekcija® Shirts is The Home of The Perfect White Shirt™ offering women modern style that is effortless and uncomplicated, fusing exquisite craftsmanship with femininity, impeccable cuts with comfort. Simply shirt perfection. Just choose your perfect style…


In choosing Perfekcija® Shirts you’ll enjoy perfect fit, perfect comfort and perfect style. The Perfect White Shirt™ is truly a labour of love. In each Perfect White Shirt you’ll find our Registered Brand “snowflake” discreetly embroidered into the fabric, symbolising its authenticity and what is best about our shirts: fashioned from only the finest materials and perfectly finished down to the tiniest detail to give you Shirt Perfection. 

Style The Perfect White Shirt™ your way, choose from tailored, wrapover, pleated, ruffle, classic and contemporary designs, as well as selected shirts in black (so that you can be “Perfect in Black” too), and make Perfekcija® Shirts your Signature style.